above water. under water. ​demanding environments ​become simple

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Camera as Code

  • Ever lacked the right data or the right quality ​to maintain the AI lifecycle?

  • Ever struggled with accuracy and robustness ​in marine and maritime conditions?
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ZEBOP Camera as Code is a scalable AI platform to implement into your camera systems


Transform cameras with API’s ​that automates the camera ​controls and machine learning ​operations. Enable running ​multiple AI models that can be ​updated over the air to add ​multi-functionality to your ​systems as new algorithms ​enable different capabilities to ​be added on demand


A camera-powered ecosystem ​that facilitates the inclusion of ​developers and the vertical ​technology partner ecosystem ​that is foundational for value ​creation. Developers can call ​camera features through API’s ​and combine them with ​application logic. Address new ​use cases, boost innovation and ​create new value for customers.


Enable the creation of new ​applications that demand ​specialized AI-models with ultra-​high performance. ZEBOP’s ​solution is a win for everyone in the ​technology partner ecosystem with ​revenue sharing and automated ​exchange of digital assets. Cameras ​to serve as vital first responders ​that collect on-site data for edge ​and cloud analytics.

Established by serial founders to simplify and ​build a platform so effortless, so seamless, so ​borderless that you’ll never want to use another ​app for developing AI in cameras again.

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Square Frame with Round Cutout

Milan Markovic

Oscar Markovic

The founders runs a self-financed AI marine-laboratory along the ​Norwegian coastline. The lab’s testing facilities connects with ​developers and researchers around the world to develop what’s ​coming next. We call it BlueThink

Rapid prototyping of hardware. Testing new software in brutal environments.

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AI software that automatically optimizes the camera for computer vision


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